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One of the joys of living where we do is access to the countryside. These images were all taken on an April evening after work. Roe deer fascinate me: they are woodland ghosts. Take your eyes off them for a second and they’re gone without a trace, and nothing seems a barrier to them. It’s said that of all the deer species in Britain (of which red deer are the only other natives), roe are the hardest to confine to parks – almost impossible because of their ability to jump fences, wriggle through gaps or (I reckon), teleport.

They are also eerily silent. Often they’ll freeze while they check you out – and if’ you’re not paying attention you might not even register them – which is often the case for my dog, not the most observant of animals.

Of course, I could do with faster, bigger zoom lens than I currently own, but I’m pretty pleased with these results.



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